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Environmentalists fall for Unsworth sucker bait

March 12, 2008

Ed Lewis

Total Environment Centre director Jeff Angel was one of the members of the Unsworth committee, appointed by the NSW government to approve its proposal to privatise the state’s electricity system. The findings of the Unsworth committee were never in doubt, since the body was packed with government supporters from the start.



Unsworth report is a dead duck

March 11, 2008

Ed Lewis

The Unsworth report supporting electricity privatisation in NSW was yesterday (Monday) considered by the Labor Party’s administrative committee, its peak executive body, and flicked through to the NSW Labor Party conference in May. A minority report was also sent through to the conference.


Barrie Unsworth’s mirrabee

March 8, 2008

Ed Lewis

It’s most unlikely you will see the magic, disappearing mirrabee,
For if you turn most quickly round, it disappears beneath the ground.

The report of the Unsworth committee on the Iemma-Costa privatisation proposal for the NSW electricity system was supposed to hit the deck yesterday (Friday), but if media coverage of this momentous event is anything to go by, the report seems to been dropped overboard instead. Perhaps there will be more news on Monday, after the Labor Party’s Administrative Committee considers the report and formally releases it, but what has happened to all the leaks, which were more like a torrent earlier in the week?


Leaflets, demands and concrete struggles

March 1, 2008

Bob Gould

Why I have absolutely no intention of getting out a leaflet calling for the expulsion of Costa and Iemma at this stage in the struggle against electricity privatisation

The web is a stamping ground for adventurers, trolls and demagogues who hide behind their anonymity. Some people have sound reasons for choosing pseudonyms on the web, like job considerations etc. It would be bad web etiquette to out people indiscriminately for this kind of reason. Having said that, I don’t take terribly seriously people on the web who strike demagogic poses sheltering behind anonymity.


Pseudo-leftists join the anti-union chorus

February 29, 2008

Bob Gould


Michael Berrell keeps asking his idiot question, on the Green Left discussion list, demanding some kind statement from me as to whether members of the Labor Party should campaign for the expulsion of Costa and Iemma if they don’t carry out policy.


Eight electricity privatisation myths exposed

February 27, 2008

Myth 1: “Prices will be lower because of increased competition”.

Fact: Over the last decade, the average yearly price of electricity per megawatt hour has been $38.22 in NSW. This should be compared to other states in Australia where privatisation has occurred. An example is in South Australia, the average price is $76.36.


A powerful protest against privatisation

February 26, 2008

A large and important rally at Parliament House, in Sydney

Bob Gould

This isn’t an end but a beginning, Unions NSW president John Robertson told the protest against electricity privatisation at the opening of state parliament for this year.

The rally drew about 12,000 people, and it was clear this rebellious movement is not about to go away, nor is Robertson. The estimate of 12,000 came from the platform, and it seemed accurate.


The best of times and the worst of times

February 25, 2008

An open letter to my colleagues of the Labor left in NSW

Bob Gould



I gave out 150 copies of this open letter this evening (Monday) at the annual general meeting of the NSW Socialist Left and it got a pretty good reception from people who read it.

I hope the sect builders in outer space, my old acquaintances of the World Socialist Web Site, take careful note of this piece. They’ve been attacking me for my views on the apology to indigenous people, and this open letter will no doubt give them the basis for another of their eccentric exposure articles in which they attack people involved in struggle in the labour movement as being, in some incomprehensible way, in league with the people they’re fighting.


Labor ranks revolt on privatisation

February 16, 2008

Jenny Haines

Something unusual and historic in the NSW Labor Party happened today. About 200 active rank and file members of the party filled the Sydney Trades Hall auditorium for a forum, in revolt against the plans by the parliamentary party in power to privatise the electricity industry in NSW.


Rallies against electricity privatisation

February 12, 2008

Download flyer for Labor Party rank and file anti-privatisation meeting, Saturday, February 16. (Note: this meeting is for the general public, not just Labor Party members.)

Download flyer for anti-privatisation rally at the opening of NSW Parliament, Tuesday, February 26.

Shock a pollie.

Many Labor Party branches have backed a protest against the Iemma-Costa electricity privatisation push, which will take place at UNSW auditorium, 377 Sussex Street, Sydney (near the corner of Goulburn Street) on Saturday at 10.30am.

Chaired by Bernie Riordan. Speakers: Prof Sharon Beder (UNSW), Mark Byrne (Public Interest Advocacy Centre), Cate Faehrmann (Nature Conservation Council), Senator Doug Cameron, Steve Turner (PSA).

Unions NSW is planning a rally at the opening of state parliament for the year on February 26. Details on the flyer above.

More news on the privatisation push.

Political issues in the NSW electricity privatisation push.

Merchant bankers’ mate.

The weird sectarianism of the DSP majority

February 11, 2008

It gets worse by the second

Bob Gould

Some time ago, unless I’m a complete dummkopf in using computer search (which is possible), Green Left Weekly appears to have dumped the once very useful list it used to have of coming events on the left.


Issues in the struggle against electricity privatisation in NSW

December 28, 2007

Bob Gould

Despite the usual tendency of Australian politics to go into recess in January, the developing struggle over electricity privatisation is shaping up as the first major political collision of the Rudd era.


Health on the block

June 23, 2005

Corporatisation and privatisation of government services in NSW

Jenny Haines

Big business and employers in Australia have brought about radical reform of the Australian economy over the last 30 years. (more…)