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The London transport bombings

July 7, 2005

Green Left Weekly discussion list, July 7, 2005

I’m in considerable sympathy with Rohan Pearce’s post in the last hour or so.
Socialists in Australia should study carefully the brief statement by the British Socialist Worker cancelling the Marxism event for the day.



Jose the Thunderer, Thundering Jose

October 30, 2003

A response to Jose P and Tom O’Lincoln on the bombing of the UN compound in Baghdad, the present stage in Iraq, and other matters

Bob Gould

My battered, much read, much lent copy of Let History Judge (about Stalin) by the Soviet dissident Roy Medvedev starts with four quotes, two of which are:

“We need complete, truthful information. And the truth should not depend on whom it is to serve.” V.I. Lenin

Self-criticism — ruthless, harsh self-criticism, which gets down to the root of things — that is the life-giving light and air of the proletarian movement.” Rosa Luxemburg.


East Timor and bombings in Baghdad

August 22, 2003

Bob Gould

Tom O’Lincoln is a master of the short grab/jab designed to score a point, often a pretty ultraleft one. The little item on Jose Ramos Horta, the death penalty and the Iraq UN bombing is vintage Tom. This matter requires a bit of consideration and some careful investigation.