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Left discussion of the apology

February 15, 2008

A bit of an alternative media survey

Ed Lewis

Reaction on left blogs and email lists is generally that the apology to indigenous Australia is a step forward but much more is needed, including compensation for the stolen generations, an end to the NT intervention in the brutal military form that it took under the Howard government (although direction of more resources to NT indigenous communities is welcome and urgently needed) and urgent progress on health, housing and education all over Australia.



The left and the apology

February 14, 2008

The range of responses to yesterday’s Australia-wide outburst of emotion over the new government’s apology to indigenous Australia

Bob Gould

The most striking thing about the apology ceremonies was the extraordinary outburst of emotion throughout the day by tens of thousands of indigenous people watching the events at public venues from Hobart to Darwin, Broome, Cairns, Sydney, Perth and all places in between, and an equally emotional response from possibly hundreds of thousands of non-indigenous Australians.


The apology to indigenous Australia

February 13, 2008

Moving and interesting events in indigenous politics

Bob Gould

The significantly changed state of affairs in indigenous politics in Australia has been reflected in the opening of the Australian parliament.