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The apology to indigenous Australia

February 13, 2008

Moving and interesting events in indigenous politics

Bob Gould

The significantly changed state of affairs in indigenous politics in Australia has been reflected in the opening of the Australian parliament.



Socialist unification in Australia

February 4, 2008

Bob Gould

After a considerable time of debilitating splits on the far left in Australia, which have taken place in the context of problems presented by new political developments locally and globally, the first significant socialist unification for many years has taken place.


Susanna Short’s Laurie Short: A Political Life

May 21, 2005

A summary history

Shane Hopkinson


The following are summary notes to a longer piece I was planning to write some time ago about the early days of the Trotskyist movement in Australia, based on Susanna Short’s book on her father, Laurie, and Hall Greenland’s book on Nick Origlass, to tell the story of the early days of the movement in Australia.

As time has got the better of me I decided to simply post my summary of the relevant part of Susanna Short’s book, which is all I have been able to complete. I have tried to aviod editorialising over her comments but I will say a few words here that might clarify the story.


Shades of red, 1920

May 20, 2005

Nancy Mills

The 30th October, 1920, in Sydney, was a clear, cool Spring day. In a small hall above Fay’s bookshop, at the corner of Pitt and Liverpool Streets, twenty-six people gathered together. They represented the two main socialist groups, and their purpose was to amalgamate to establish the Australian Communist party.


In Australia

July 8, 2002

V.I. Lenin


Lenin published this short article in June 1913. Although it is brief and its prediction about the liberal labor party making way for a socialist labor party has not eventuated 90 years on, the article has influenced Marxist discussion on the Australian Labor Party.


An Irish family in Australia

June 2, 1999

The Goulds, O’Hallorans and Conlons

Bob Gould

How my Irish ancestors and relatives, the Goulds, the O’Hallorans and the Conlons, got to Australia as part of the great wave of Irish immigration in the 19th century. What happened to them here and how they got caught up in the political upheavals of their times.