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Anything for a quid. Social and environmental costs of Australia’s resources boom

January 9, 2012

Dirty Money. The true cost of Australia’s minerals boom

Matthew Benns

Random House Australia, 2011

A review

As an environmental disaster it was world-class — up there with last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and then a bit. In fact, according to some, BHP’s Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea is the third largest environmental disaster ever, and the largest associated with mining. A sliding scale of environmental disasters is probably meaningless — they all threaten our future on this planet — but this one was on a grand scale.



The jolly jugglers of Macquarie Street

April 11, 2008

Ed Lewis

To follow everything that’s going on with the electricity privatisation push in NSW, you need a very quick eye. There are so many jugglers with so many balls in the air, keeping track is a bit of a feat. That’s half the point of course; us mug punters are supposed to shrug our shoulders, forget the whole complicated mess and let the pollies get back to tugging the forelock to the corporate royalty at the big end of town, as nature intended.


Environmentalists fall for Unsworth sucker bait

March 12, 2008

Ed Lewis

Total Environment Centre director Jeff Angel was one of the members of the Unsworth committee, appointed by the NSW government to approve its proposal to privatise the state’s electricity system. The findings of the Unsworth committee were never in doubt, since the body was packed with government supporters from the start.