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A protest for West Papuan independence

April 3, 2006

Green Left Weekly discussion list, April 3, 2006

On April 2, there were protests for West Papuan independence in a number of Australian cities. The one in Sydney had about 250 participants, a modest number, but a very effective demonstration.


Invented “principles” and East Timor

March 4, 2006

Bob Gould

Green Left Weekly discussion list, June 18, 2006

Tom O’Lincoln, Scott Hamilton and my good friend Greg Adler on Marxmail, and others on the Green Left list, are battering away at the DSP for supporting the 1999 Australian intervention in East Timor.


Marching with the war drums

October 1, 1999

Australian intervention in East Timor

Since the crisis in East Timor erupted I have marched in a number of demonstrations, supporting the demand that there should be immediate United Nations military intervention in Timor, led by Australian troops. I have frequently found myself marching alongside an energetic and forceful group of female drummers, some of them called I believe, the Feral Fingers and a number of my fellow protesters have laughed at the picture of an old Vietnam antiwar agitator like myself marching to the war drums.