About Ozleft

Ozleft is an independent forum of strategy, tactics and history in the Australian left, green and labour movements.
Contact Ozleft here. Genuine inquiries or communications concerning this site please, no advertising or commercial matter.
The aim of this site is to encourage broad discussion on the left. If you have something you want to publish about labour movement history or left politics, please email it to us and we will consider it.
Comments policy. Discussion is not moderated, but racist comments, comments demeaning to women, and unduly abusive comments will be deleted, as will libelous comments. Comments should be to do with the item being commented on, and comments that are not may be deleted.

Ozleft started up at its original site in 2002 and moved to this blog in 2008, when the old site became too small. The original site remains, but is no longer being maintained. All material from the old site has been moved to this site.


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