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Farewell Bob, my old friend

May 28, 2011

(This is the speech delivered by John Percy, national secretary of the Revolutionary Socialist Party, and editor of its paper Direct Action, to the funeral of Bob Gould in Sydney, May 26, 2011. Other speakers were: Mairi Petersen; Janet Bonser; Hall Greenland; Jenny Haines; Nick Martin; Meredith Burgmann; Ian Rintoul; Phil Sandford; Natalie Gould. The service finished with the singing of the International, led by an Alistair Hulett recording.)



DSP split over future

December 1, 2005

Greg Adler, former national executive member of the Australian Socialist Alliance, looks at the dispute within Democratic Socialist Perspective, the dominant SA group

(Rehosted from Weekly Worker, December 1, 2005)

In my recent open letter resigning from the Socialist Alliance, I wrote: “It is with great relief that I leave the demoralised, Democratic Socialist Perspective-dominated wreckage that now parades under the name of the Socialist Alliance.” I further said that there was no reason to “remain within the Socialist Alliance unless you share the delusion of the DSP that the building of its sect is the only way forward for the building of socialism”.


Response to Sol Salbe

June 16, 2005

On John Percy’s memoir of the DSP and Resistance

Green Left Weekly discussion list, June 16, 2005

Sol Salbe’s critique of John Percy’s book has some value, as far as it goes. He details a number of obvious errors.


John Percy’s lonely morsel

June 16, 2005

A critical review of A History of the DSP and Resistance

Sol Salbe

Let me start by putting my cards down. I regard myself as a personal friend of both John Percy and his strongest critics like Bob Gould. I’m also a former member of the political current described in John Percy’s book. Uncommon as it may sound I drifted gradually away from the then SWP never needing major political differences or a personal conflict with any of the other participants. I was even consulted briefly during the writing process. These days I have some political differences but they are not of a factional nature, if anything Green Left Weekly supporters have backed me on the two-states for Palestine issue against some other members of the Socialist Alliance.


John Percy’s strange memoir

April 2, 2005

Bob Gould

1. John Percy’s weird autobiography, and memoir of Jim Percy, masquerading as a history of the DSP

2. John Percy’s invincible ignorance of Australian labour history

3. Crudifying details of the 1956 upheaval in the Communist movement

4. John Percy’s industrial philosopher’s stone

A history of the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance, 1965-72, John Percy, Resistance Books, Sydney, 2005

1. John Percy’s weird autobiography, and memoir of Jim Percy, masquerading as a history of the DSP

John Percy’s book, A History of the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance, is a boring, self-interested curiosity. It is extremely derivative of other, better written, more objective and interesting books. It bears a striking resemblance to Denis Freney’s equally self-serving autobiography, A Map of Days. Like Denis Freney’s book, in this one the two heroes rarely make major mistakes and all the left opponents and enemies of John Percy and his brother, Jim Percy, emerge in the narrative as knaves, fools or both.