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Kurds, Albanians and national self-determination

March 23, 2006

Discussion of national self-determination on Marxmail

Bob Gould

Louis Proyect asserts that Lenin was wrong on some things, and that anyway his views often changed over time. Well, that’s pretty obvious, and I often point that out as well. However, of the totality of his thought and practice, Lenin never fundamentally changed his view of the national question, indeed he deepened it.



A surgeon under fire

April 30, 2005

The Oath: A Surgeon Under Fire, by Khassan Baiev with Ruth and Nicholas Daniloff, Pocket Books,

Jenny Haines

While we in the West have been campaigning and fighting against the war for oil in Iraq, another war for oil has been fought by the Russians against the Chechen people. The Russians portray the wars fought in the 1990s and into the 2000s in Chechnya as a part of the war on terrorism, and the West, particularly the Americans buy it, and keep silent, because they want the Russians support in their so called war on terrorism.


Don’t mention the war

April 26, 2005

Why the DSP leadership has great difficulty discussing Gallipoli and the World War I conscription referendums

Bob Gould

In John Percy’s memoir of the first seven years of the DSP he has the following timeless words to say:

We can assess how little it aided working-class struggles and how little it was independent of the capitalist class by its actions over the next 100 years. It has been the alternative party of rule by the bosses in times of crisis. Its goal is class peace and preservation of the status quo.


National self-determination: primitive demagogy

January 8, 2004

Bob Gould

Discussion on the issue of the right of nations to self-determination on Marxmail has gone around in circles in the past 18 months, and even more so looking back into the archives of Marxmail and its predecessors. I’m in general sympathy with the views of Mike Karadjis and Les Evenchick. I’m driven to comment by Louis’ rather cavalier dismissal of Karadjis and the par-for-the-course insulting reference by Nestor Gorojovsky to Evenchick.


Multiculturalism and Australian national identity

June 3, 1999

Bob Gould

John Howard and I grew up in the same part of Sydney, and he is a couple of years younger than me. I grew up at Beverly Hills on the East Hills railway line and for most of my school life, between 1946 and 1953, I used to get the train to Kingsgrove and then the bus across to Strathfield, to St Patricks, the Christian Brothers College there.