How to use this site

To see all writings of a particular author, such as Bob Gould, use the “posted in” and “tag” links that can be found at the bottom of each item. The “posted in” link will display everything by that author. The “tag” links will display everything on a particular topic. As well, there are topic hotlinks at the bottom of the sidebar, and a search engine in the sidebar.

A note on Leftwrites. Bob Gould and Ed Lewis posted to Leftwrites for a couple of years. That site unexpectedly disappeared, and the posts there were no longer available. The posts by Ozleft contributors have been retrieved and will be rehosted here as time permits.

The old Ozleft site. Ozleft started on a crudely constructed website that required a lot of maintenance and eventually became unmanageable. Everything that could be retrieved from the old site is available here. The old site has many broken links, particularly since the Marxmail archives were moved, but all of that material is available on this site.


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