Bob Brown and the environmental vandal Obama


Geraldine Brooks delivered her first Boyer Lecture yesterday.

In it she said something Bob Brown and the Greens federal politicians should have considered before encouraging Greens to warmly welcome Barack Obama on his visit to Australia:

“When President Obama took office … he made a speech that promised his inauguration would mark the day ‘the rise of the oceans starts to slow and the planet begins to heal’. If only. Of all the disappointments of the past three years, highest on my personal list is Barack Obama’s silence — his failure to use his gifts of eloquence to explain our predicament and the necessity for urgent action. Instead, Obama greenlights Shell’s drilling in the Arctic, even as the toxins from BP’s blown-out well swirl in the Gulf of Mexico. He fails to act against a tar sands pipeline that would run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and that has been described as the fuse on a carbon bomb.”

With such an environmental record, why would anyone think that Obama might be receptive to Bob Brown’s suggestion that Antarctica should be declared a world park? When Brown grabbed his brief chance to raise the matter, Obama’s response was something to the effect that he would think about it.

No doubt he’ll consider it for a nanosecond or two before military and business interests prevail, as they have in most of the Obama government’s decisions.


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One Response to “Bob Brown and the environmental vandal Obama”

  1. Joel Carlinsky Says:

    You left out the continuing use of radioactive ammunition in both Iraq and Afganistan, and also in the conquest of Libya, the promoting of nuclear power to India and several African countries, the proposed removal of wolves and grizlies from the Endangered Species List, the continued use of sonar frequencies that harm sea life by the U.S. Navy, and a long list of other evidence that the current administration is not really interested in protecting what little remains of the environment.

    The Australian government has been complicit in firing radioactive ammunition provided to them by the U.S. and permanently contaminating a weapons testing area in the Northwest of Australia,

    Now the American Armed Forces stationed in Europe have placed their nuclear weapons there on “Ready-Alert” status, ready to fire immediately if the order to attack Iran is given.

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