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Alex Mitchell and Peter Fryer. A tale of two journalists

November 13, 2011

Come the Revolution, a Memoir
Alex Mitchell
New South Press, 2011
Reviewed by Ed Lewis

Alex Mitchell’s memoir covers a big chunk of history, from the late 1950s up to a few months ago. Mitchell is a skilled and entertaining writer and the book is worthwhile alone for its vignettes of the 1961 Mount Isa strike, the early stages of the Vietnam antiwar movement in Australia and London, the Canberra press gallery, Rupert Murdoch as a rising young mogul challenging entrenched media interests in Australia, Mitchell’s training in tabloid journalism on Murdoch’s afternoon Sydney daily, The Mirror, his later experience in investigative reporting with the Insight team on London’s Sunday Times, his traumatic few days as a reporter in Biafra, his reporting from Idi Amin’s Uganda, in Ireland during “the troubles” and much more.

But Mitchell makes it clear the passion of his life was left politics, and the high point of his involvement in the left was his time in Gerry Healy’s Workers Revolutionary Party, for a few years probably the most successful Trotskyist organisation in Britain, with a daily newspaper, an extensive publishing program, numerous real estate assets, an active membership of probably several hundred and a constellation of celebrities surrounding it, including Vanessa and Corin Redgrave.



A “political assessment” from the twilight zone

June 16, 2011

The cut-and-paste so-called news service, World Socialist Web Site, has published a purported “political assessment” of Bob Gould.


The weird sectarianism of the DSP majority

February 11, 2008

It gets worse by the second

Bob Gould

Some time ago, unless I’m a complete dummkopf in using computer search (which is possible), Green Left Weekly appears to have dumped the once very useful list it used to have of coming events on the left.


This is the way a split happens

January 8, 2008

Not with a bang, but but with constitutional and personnel changes (with apologies to T.S. Elliott)

Bob Gould

As has been pretty obvious from the material posted on the web by supporters of the Boyle leadership, the DSP conference laid the basis for the expulsion of the minority in fairly short order.


Luke Skywalker lets the cat out of the bag

January 3, 2008

Bob Gould

First of all, to Luke himself. I’ve got nothing at all against you, Luke. Years ago at a demonstration you grumbled to me in a humorous way that I had kept you up half the night reading stuff that was on Ozleft. To anyone who writes, even for a small audience, the notion that anyone reacts is always flattering, so thanks for your interest.


Statistics on the Socialist Alliance

January 3, 2008

By Bob Gould

I’ve just seen a very strange document, which has been sent out in the past week or so to all members of the Socialist Alliance. A friendly SA member gave me a copy because they think it’s so weird. It’s 17 pages of statistical charts about the Socialist Alliance.


Dopey exposure as usual

December 6, 2007

Struggles begin to develop in the workers’ and labour movements, but it’s back to the dopey exposure business for the DSP leadership

Bob Gould

Discussion on far left email lists, such as Green Left, Marxmail and Leftwrites since the Howard government’s electoral defeat has been trivial and rather stupid. Most of the discussion has paid little attention to the enormous popular mobilisation that was essential for the Howard government’s electoral defeat.


Full-blown Third Period Stalinism in the DSP

July 13, 2006

Green Left Weekly discussion list, July 13, 2006

The way a couple of members of the Boyle leadership of the DSP try to create a bit of psycho-drama on the Green Left list by creating cyber-entities who argue with each other is getting passing weird.


A poisonous mix

July 12, 2006

Boyleite Third Period abuse combined with backward Popular Frontism

Green Left Weekly discussion list, July 12, 2006

An argument has erupted on the Green Left Weekly discussion list about the Howard government’s use of short-term work visas to exploit guest workers and to undermine existing wages and conditions in Australia.


DSP lurches towards a split

July 4, 2006

Bob Gould

Green Left discussion list, July 4, 2006

The Australian DSP is lurching towards a major split. The recent departure of the six members of the Marxist Solidarity Network has to be seen in the context of the bitter showdown that appears to be approaching.


Strong protest against Howard’s industrial laws

May 2, 2006

Greg Adler

May Day in Brisbane drew a record crowd of 35,000 unionists and supporters in a march through the heart of the city to the big showground venue for a rally cum carnival of opposition to the anti-union, anti-working-class legislation that has been brought in by the federal Liberal government. The crowd was 15,000 larger than had been predicted by organising officials.


Socialist Alliance: an exchange on Indymedia

January 2, 2006

The strange pathology of a section of the DSP

[Around the time of the 2006 DSP national conference, a number of DSP internal documents were posted on Indymedia, mainly the Sydney and Melbourne sites. This led to a heated and sometimes illuminating discussion. The Indymedia records of these exchanges no longer exist.]


An outbreak of big-L L-L-L-Leninism

September 3, 2004

A political illness similar to malaria, in Socialist Alternative and the DSP

Bob Gould

Difficulties and arguments about perspective and orientation in small socialist groups often lead to outbreaks of extremely authoritarian leadership behaviour.


How sects view the world

June 7, 2004

Green Left discussion list, June 7, 2004

In due course, I’ll take up Luke Fomiati’s point and write a little thumbnail sketch of the World Socialist Web Site public meeting I attended, because the way the old SLL has evolved is very instructive. In the short term, I’m struck forcibly as to how similar the WSWS and Green Left Weekly and the DSP actually are to each other and in their approach to working class politics.


Social Democracy, the US SWP and the Australian DSP

April 1, 2004

Similarities in the approach of two socialist sects

Bob Gould

In the spirit of Walter Lippman’s very effective and politically pertinent satirical piece about the attitude of the US SWP to the Spanish government’s decision to withdraw troops from Iraq, Marxmail readers may be interested in an item posted on the Australian Green Left list by Peter Boyle on Friday.