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Evil and the Labor Party

April 27, 2004

Politically speaking, Dave Riley asserts that black is white, the world is flat and the moon is made of green cheese

Green Left discussion list, April 27, 2004

Responding to Carl Kenner’s eccentric post carrying on about the Labor Party being “evil”, Dave Riley has posted some opinions that are essentially as bizarre as Kenner’s.



George Bush comes to Australia

October 21, 2003

Bob Gould

US President Bush is making a whistlestop state visit to Australia this Wednesday and Thursday. The more militant section of the antiwar movement is planning demonstrations demanding withdrawal of US and Australian troops from Iraq in a number of cities, including Sydney and Canberra.


The morality and justice of the Iraq war

April 21, 2003

Marxism and religion

An open letter to Barry York and Gerard Henderson

Bob Gould

Former Maoist, Barry York has burst into print in The Australian attacking the left for not supporting the Iraq war in an article titled Not in your name, indeed, and former secretary to B.A. Santamaria, Gerard Henderson, has laid down the law in the Sydney Morning Herald, as a kind of cultural commissar for religion, attacking most world religious leaders for not supporting the same war.


Marching with the war drums

October 1, 1999

Australian intervention in East Timor

Since the crisis in East Timor erupted I have marched in a number of demonstrations, supporting the demand that there should be immediate United Nations military intervention in Timor, led by Australian troops. I have frequently found myself marching alongside an energetic and forceful group of female drummers, some of them called I believe, the Feral Fingers and a number of my fellow protesters have laughed at the picture of an old Vietnam antiwar agitator like myself marching to the war drums.