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Gerard Henderson’s praise of Green Left Weekly

April 2, 2008

Bob Gould

Gerard Henderson yesterday quoted approvingly from Green Left Weekly in a column setting out to prove that there’s no difference between the Rudd Labor government and the defeated Howard Liberal government on Iraq, and Stuart Munckton posted the Henderson article without comment on the Green Left discussion list.



On the left of the twilight zone

June 9, 2004

Green Left discussion list, June 9, 2004

At the World Socialist Web Site public meeting a week or so ago, one very striking feature was that there was almost no discussion from the floor except for a bit initiated by myself and Dennis Berrell. Most of the audience sat in silence, although they clapped a fair bit.


Sinking into the Iraqi quagmire

April 8, 2004

An exchange on Marxmail, April 8-19, 2004

The spread of military opposition from the Sunni areas into the Shiite areas in Iraq is having a spectacular impact in Australian politics. The prospect of a Vietnam-like quagmire, into which Australia is drawn, haunts all political figures and forces.


The Trojan horse

March 31, 2004

Jay Bulworth

Katharine Gun is a 29 year old English woman who spent a part of her formative years in North-east Asia. As a result, she is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. She used to work as a translator at Britain’s super-secret GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), the signals intelligence agency that violates privacy every day by eavesdropping on phone calls, emails and other communications. Katharine exposed US espionage against member delegations at the UN Security Council in the lead-up to the war on Iraq. Espionage at the United Nations is prohibited under the Vienna conventions on diplomatic relations. When charged under the Official Secrets Act, she signalled her intention to argue the defence of “necessity” — the prevention of an illegal war involving the loss of thousands of lives. On Tuesday February 24, 2004, her legal team served documents demanding to see any advice given to ministers about the legality of the war. Two days later, all charges were dropped and Katharine Gun walked free.


A modestly successful Iraq war protest

March 22, 2004

Green Left discussion list, March 22, 2004

Media estimates of the size of yesterday’s protest against the war in Iraq varied widely. The very generous ABC TV News said 8000. The less generous Sydney Morning Herald said 2000. My rather rough attempt at counting suggests between 2500 and 4000, which is in the same range as the organisers’ estimates.


The Workers Communist Party and the situation in Iraq

January 20, 2004

Bob Gould

I value the Marxism list, as all of us who participate in it probably do, as both a platform to expound my current views to others, and also as an arena in which from time to time I learn a bit from views opposed to my own. My view on a few things has even changed a bit as a result of arguments on Marxmail. I’ve learnt that it’s a bit problematic and dangerous to argue too much with Louis, as its his show, he’s the moderator and chairman, and he and Les pay the bills. I have no sympathy at all with the petit-bourgeois dingbat who occasionally, pretentiously, accuses Louis of some conflict of interest because he works in a university.


Triumphalism is not in order

November 6, 2003

Socialists and the aftermath of the anti-Bush protests

Bob Gould

In my careful overview of the events in Canberra recently, A long march in Australia’s occult capital, I included the light-hearted but reasonably accurate observation:

“There was a certain amount of rebellious competition between the different socialist groups, with their red flags and their generals and colonels directing operations.”


Jose the Thunderer, Thundering Jose

October 30, 2003

A response to Jose P and Tom O’Lincoln on the bombing of the UN compound in Baghdad, the present stage in Iraq, and other matters

Bob Gould

My battered, much read, much lent copy of Let History Judge (about Stalin) by the Soviet dissident Roy Medvedev starts with four quotes, two of which are:

“We need complete, truthful information. And the truth should not depend on whom it is to serve.” V.I. Lenin

Self-criticism — ruthless, harsh self-criticism, which gets down to the root of things — that is the life-giving light and air of the proletarian movement.” Rosa Luxemburg.


A long march in Australia’s occult capital

October 24, 2003

The protests against the visit of US President Bush

Bob Gould

Australia’s national capital, Canberra, is a product of a political compromise at the time of federation between the two major colonies, New South Wales and Victoria. The deal was that the Australian Capital Territory was to be independent of any state and the location was chosen so as to be not too distant from Victoria.


A substantial protest against George Bush

October 22, 2003

7000-10,000 march in Sydney against George Bush

With no damage to the flowerpots

Bob Gould

I write this tired and stiff, sitting behind the counter in my shop late at night and I have to get up at 5am to get the bus to Canberra for another demonstration against Bush, so I’ll try to be brief.


George Bush comes to Australia

October 21, 2003

Bob Gould

US President Bush is making a whistlestop state visit to Australia this Wednesday and Thursday. The more militant section of the antiwar movement is planning demonstrations demanding withdrawal of US and Australian troops from Iraq in a number of cities, including Sydney and Canberra.


A response to all the little thunderers

September 8, 2003

And a summary of issues in the Iraq debate

Bob Gould

I’m finding it tedious to have to start every post on the Iraq question by responding to the most recent pieces of gratuitous abuse directed at me, and now even at Lueko Willms (and by implication, any other dissenters). Gould is obviously the Albania-Yugoslavia of this argument, and the thunderclaps directed at my skull are obviously intended as un example pour les autres, or whatever the correct French phrase is.


Jose thunders on

September 2, 2003

More unpleasant abuse and untenable positions on Iraq

Bob Gould

I deeply and viscerally object to being labelled a scab because of a difference of opinion with the excited Jose P. I object even more to Gary McLennan labelling me a scab, by mealy mouthed inference, when he refers in a fulsome way to what a wonderful post Perez’s was. At least the vituperative Perez said it up front. He didn’t shelter behind someone else, like McLennan.


East Timor and bombings in Baghdad

August 22, 2003

Bob Gould

Tom O’Lincoln is a master of the short grab/jab designed to score a point, often a pretty ultraleft one. The little item on Jose Ramos Horta, the death penalty and the Iraq UN bombing is vintage Tom. This matter requires a bit of consideration and some careful investigation.


Bring the troops home

August 11, 2003

And the nature of internet discussion

Bob Gould

About four months ago, when I got set up to directly access the web I signed up simultaneously to the Green Left Weekly list in Australia, and to Socialist Register, Marxmail and Leftist Trainspotters.