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Richard Fidler offers some advice

December 30, 2007

Ed Lewis

On Marxmail, Richard Fidler says:

Even ex-DSPer Ed Lewis — a carping critic of the DSP if there ever was one — has made a contribution of sorts by helping Bob Gould set up the Ozleft web site, which contains much valuable documentation on the Australian left and workers movement. Ed would make a further contribution if he put more of the DSP’s historical documents on-line!

It’s interesting Richard, that you, like many in the DSP leadership, find it necessary to focus on the individual, rather than the politics of what I had to say, but thanks for remembering me.



Zinovievism and writing history

October 27, 2003

The real lessons of the Vietnam antiwar movement in Australia

Bob Gould

I would like to thank the Editorial Board of Green Left and the DSP for running my piece on the Johnson demonstration, for the careful way it was edited and the sensible juxtaposition of it with a smaller article and some pictures, and with the two-page centrespread by Doug Lorimer presenting the DSP leadership’s version of the first part of the history of the Vietnam antiwar movement.


Labor students: cream or scum?

October 15, 2002

Bob Gould

The extravagant and nasty tone of Nick Fredman’s comment on the issues I raised in a recent post about left-wing Labor students says quite a lot about the culture of the DSP. It also reveals something about the politics of the DSP.