Rallies against electricity privatisation


Download flyer for Labor Party rank and file anti-privatisation meeting, Saturday, February 16. (Note: this meeting is for the general public, not just Labor Party members.)

Download flyer for anti-privatisation rally at the opening of NSW Parliament, Tuesday, February 26.

Shock a pollie.

Many Labor Party branches have backed a protest against the Iemma-Costa electricity privatisation push, which will take place at UNSW auditorium, 377 Sussex Street, Sydney (near the corner of Goulburn Street) on Saturday at 10.30am.

Chaired by Bernie Riordan. Speakers: Prof Sharon Beder (UNSW), Mark Byrne (Public Interest Advocacy Centre), Cate Faehrmann (Nature Conservation Council), Senator Doug Cameron, Steve Turner (PSA).

Unions NSW is planning a rally at the opening of state parliament for the year on February 26. Details on the flyer above.

More news on the privatisation push.

Political issues in the NSW electricity privatisation push.

Merchant bankers’ mate.


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2 Responses to “Rallies against electricity privatisation”

  1. Lorenzo E. Danielsson Says:

    Best of luck!

    You will need it since privatization is the one-stop solution to every real or imagined problem that ever existed. Or at least so the prophets tell us..

  2. redbox Says:

    Bad news for Mick Costa

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