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Ferguson puts spooks to work for mining companies

January 7, 2012

The Sydney Morning Herald and other papers carry reports that Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson has been using a private spy agency, the National Open Source Intelligence Centre, to supply information to the Federal Police on environmental protests and protesters, particularly against mining companies.

According to the report, the Federal Police admit they conduct “covert operations” (ie infiltration and spying) in protest groups, but only “on rare occasions”.

It’s bad enough that people well-known to be committed to non-violent protest are being spied on by police, but what is this other, non-government, private-profit organisation up to? How widely is the government using taxpayer dollars to outsource so-called security operations? Will we be told what is being done in our name, with our money?



Leave your human rights at the door

August 15, 2003

Jenny Haines

Leave Your Human Rights at the Door was a forum jointly organised by the NSW Greens, the NSW CFMEU and the Teachers Federation, an interesting and novel combination of forces that upset some members of the Labor Party. It was held at the Teachers Federation Auditorium in Sydney on November 1.