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Resignation from Socialist Alliance

January 25, 2004

Michael Thomson

National Executive
Socialist Alliance
Sunday 25 January 2004

Dear Comrades

I am writing to inform you of my resignation from the Socialist Alliance.

My reasons for resigning include:

  • the recent decision of the Socialist Alliance to accept Green Left Weekly as the paper of the Alliance. Green Left Weekly is the paper of one of the affiliates and as such brings with it not just its readership but also a certain set of political positions associated with the Democratic Socialist Party. It does not represent anything new for the organisation of the far left in Australia. It will not be seen as a paper of an alliance. Instead, the decision will be seen by many outside the Alliance that their suspicions were right — the Socialist Alliance is another “DSP front group”. This will make it harder to attract those people to a new political organisation. It also begs the question of what sort of paper and organisation is really needed to be a bridge to the thousands of people looking to the left of Labor. It represents a decisive shift away from our original determination for the Alliance to be built on the organic development of an independent membership beyond the combined memberships of its founding groups.
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