Who fills Hitler’s boots?


Ed Lewis

The strains of the privatisation battle in the NSW Labor Party are well and truly past the robust debate stage, if the Youtube war that has broken out in the past few days is anything to go by. When you start comparing your comrades to Hitler, there’s obviously not much bruvverly feeling left.

According to rumours, the first blow, Della’s downfall, was struck by a former Labor Party leader who’s now a big end of town mover and shaker. The attempt to associate the anti-privatisation forces with the Nazi dictator stretches a point quite a bit, as his party donors tended to be very well-heeled volk, more like the pro-privatisation crowd. The real estate man in his corporate glass house may have been a bit careless with his rocks.

The anti-privatisation forces have riposted with Iemma’s dilemma.

Meanwhile the anti-privatisation forces have been running Saturday morning street stalls in shopping centres and getting a good response, although not from federal Labor MP Carmel Tebbutt, whose office was the target of a spirited demonstration.



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