Left discussion of the apology


A bit of an alternative media survey

Ed Lewis

Reaction on left blogs and email lists is generally that the apology to indigenous Australia is a step forward but much more is needed, including compensation for the stolen generations, an end to the NT intervention in the brutal military form that it took under the Howard government (although direction of more resources to NT indigenous communities is welcome and urgently needed) and urgent progress on health, housing and education all over Australia.

Brendan Nelson’s speech cops a belting pretty well everywhere.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert on Greensblog has a lengthy post saying the apology is a good start but more is needed.

The sort-of very squishy left (sometimes) Larvatus Prodeo has a couple of posts: Saying sorry and Sorry Brendan, it’s not about you, Brolga, on Against the Flow, has a moving piece that mentions the reaction of Aboriginal work colleagues, Club Troppo has a couple of posts, The apology online and Nelson’s apology, and on the old-technology Green Left Weekly email discussion list, where the posters sometimes seem to think they are the left, rather than a part of the left, the posters can’t seem to decide whether the apology was “an event without substance”, as the usually more sensible John Pilger said, or an “historic moment” with a “certain value”, as Peter Boyle grudgingly says.

There seems to be a bit of feeling over at Green Left that it is alone in saying the apology is a start towards better things for indigenous communities, when that seems to be close to a unanimous feeling on the left, including Bob Gould’s commentary here at Ozleft.


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